Friday, April 20, 2012

it's friday!

so happy it's the weekend!

on the list o' fun:

<<< make a skirt. this material is some of my absolute favorite, thanks to my rad sister-in-law amanda.  she gave me her remnants and it's enough to make a fun stretchy skirt to go under my ever-growing belly.  skirts are the one thing that saves my life when preggy.  oh how i love them. 

<<< make more strawberry pancakes.  the girls and i had pancakes + a strawberry smoothie for breakfast one morning this week.  strawberry pancakes = happiness.

<<< weed my crazy yard of dandelions.  for the love-they are everywhere.  they take over and it's just not cool.  so i'm digging some out.  i did about 7 today, now i just have 34,589 to go!

<<< i really want to make some friendship bracelets.  for real.  this is a great tutorial, and i'm in a mood for some funky color.  but when am i not in the mood for funky color? that's a better question.

<<< and the best part of the weekend.......i get to go see the COUNTING CROWS!!!!!! but that deserves a post in and of itself, so hopefully i'll post something later in the weekend.  it's my early birthday present, and basically a piece of heaven on earth.

have a fabulous weekend!

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Daniel L.Thomas said...

I am so envious. I want to go to see Counting Crows. They are one of my favorites. Enjoy!