Monday, January 20, 2014

4th of July


The 3rd of July we went to Music in the Park in Plymouth-a five minute drive from home.  We took a picnic and listened to music, caught snails, had our faces painted and watched the sky.  The little girls and I took off about 9pm because the fireworks hadn't started yet.  Evan, Maya and Brynn partied with the rest of the crowd watching amazing fireworks.  I do have to say I was jealous I didn't get to see the beautiful fireworks. 

On the 4th, Zoe had a fever.  That meant no partying with anyone, and we just had great day at home.  We had a big breakfast.  We filled up the pool on our deck, played yard games and set off some fireworks in our driveway.  As you can tell from the pictures, Zoe preferred to watch from the comfort of the car. :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

napping house

We were headed to some fireworks on the night of the July 3rd.  And I knew that they would all be tired if they didn't nap.  Maya and Brynn slept in my bed, and Izzy and Zoe in their own beds.  Basically this was a 'miracle on edgemont blvd' kind of day! 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

summer pictures

Camille took some pictures of the girls while we were out in Utah.  As usual, she captured them each so well. I love them.  And even though these are almost six months old-enjoy!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Utah part II

 Brynn enjoying her s'more up Logan Canyon.
 Izzy enjoyed her from her stroller.
 Maya being a little poser. :)
 Second Dam.
 She did indeed fall asleep like this. 
 Love this canyon.  So many great memories in this canyon!
 Ahh-sand!  It cannot get better than this.
 She didn't eat quite as much sand as she did in Virgina-hooray!
 The three amigas.
 So happy at the beach.  Of all my ladies she loves the beach most. She could have spent a week there.
 Paddle boarding!
 Lizzie paddling Maya around.  Wondering how far they were going to get.  Go Lizzie!
 Paddle boards were awesome. 
 Goodbye, Bear Lake.
 Love seeing some sage brush!
 At Grandma Dean's!  Outside picking peaches.
 The fruits of our labors.  Not really, since many of these had fallen off of the tree.  But we were so happy to have some peaches!
 Maya learned how to stick a spoon on her nose!
 Three little amigas at the bounce house party!  My parents rented a bounce house on a Saturday.  We had a slip n' slide and picnic.  It was such a fun party!
 Watermelon party on the front lawn.
 Found this little gem at Savers in Salt Lake.  Had me some thrifting fun with Carly and Parker.  Thought this might be appropriate in the freezing tundra. 
 Savvy thrifters, Carly + Parker.
 Three little ladies in a bed. 
 We had some pictures taken by Camille Stewart-they are amazing, and here are a few outtakes. 
Zoe covering her mouth.
 She is done with pictures!
 Ice cream solves everything.
 With Cam her cousin-the baby whisperer. These two have always been close.
 The Alma Mater!
 Beautiful at night.
 All sorts of proud being able to brush her teeth herself.  Thanks to Grandma's stool.
 Brynn, Remy and Zoe.  On a swing that was once a ski lift at Beaver.
 Piano time.
Izzy with Annie Hansen!

As I look back through these pictures, I realized I don't have pictures taken with my Grandma, my aunt, my parents, siblings or friends.  Ha!  

My parents rented a bounce house on Saturday while we were in town.  It was a huge hit.  We also had a slip n' slide in the yard too.  My girls absolutely loved it.  

We made a trip to Bear Lake.  Thanks to Camille and her being able to snag a cabin for the day.  We had paddle boards, a place to eat, and a place to put napping babies.  Such a great day up at the lake.  

We had a campfire up Logan Canyon, we ate Aggie ice cream, we had pictures taken in a field. :)  

We went to Grandma Dean's where we hiked until we were way too hot.  We picked peaches and practiced sticking a spoon on our noses.  

Love our time in Utah.